Another rat flees Donald Trump’s sinking ship

Personnel turnover is one of the realities of any presidential administration, as White House officials and staffers tend to burn out before the four year term is up. But when it comes to Donald Trump, the personnel turnover has been constant, controversial, chaotic, and at times criminally scandalous. Now yet another proverbial rat is fleeing Trump’s sinking ship.

Donald Trump is now losing a guy named Jordan Karem. You’ve probably never heard of him. But Bloomberg says that he’s been “one of the few advisers ready to be forthright.” In other words, this guy has managed to survive in Trump’s increasingly empty inner circle. So maybe he just burned out after holding such a crucial job for the past couple years? As it turns out, no. He’d only been in the role since March, and he’s already resigning. He’d previously held other White House jobs. But after just a few months of directly babysitting Trump, he’s running for the exits.

This comes even as Donald Trump’s United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who announced her resignation last month but is still rather quizzically on the job, finds herself stuck today between Trump’s desire to let Vladimir Putin invade mainland Ukraine, and the world’s desire to stop Putin from doing it.

There is also renewed buzz this week that Donald Trump could be on the verge of firing anyone from John Kelly, to Kirstjen Nielsen, to Wilbur Ross on down. Earlier this month Melania Trump publicly demanded that Donald fire Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel, and he partially obliged by announcing she was being transferred to some lesser, unspecified role. At this rate, by the time Robert Mueller shows up at the Trump White House to arrest people, no one will be left.