Vermont Secretary of State goes after Brett Kavanaugh

When the Supreme Court ruled against extending the period for counting mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, Brett Kavanaugh tacked on an opinion that read like a series of Trump tweets strung together. He falsely claimed that states want to know the results on election night, and he also made a bizarre number of factually false statements which read like he’d been drinking too much beer.

The Vermont Secretary of State isn’t too happy with one of Brett Kavanaugh’s errors in particular:


It’s almost like Kavanaugh isn’t even trying at this point. If he was hoping to get his stance adopted by the other conservative justices, he should have at least written something coherent enough to give them cover. Instead Kavanaugh appears to be solely trying to make Donald Trump happy – which makes you wonder if he’s trying to get Trump to pardon him for perjury on his way out the door.

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