Pennsylvania on the verge for Joe Biden

Barely an hour ago, Joe Biden was down by 64,000 votes in Pennsylvania. In the past several minutes that number dropped to 58,000, and then further dropped to 53,000. It’s all seemingly starting to happen quickly now.

These numbers are coming in at random intervals, so it’s not a given when the next batch will come in. But here’s the important part: each time another batch comes in, it’s a pro-Biden ratio that exceeds the ratio Biden needs to hit in order to pull ahead. At this rate it’s very likely Biden will win Pennsylvania – and the odds seem to be going up that the news outlets will call it for him tonight as opposed to tomorrow.

Pennsylvania will put Joe Biden past 270 electoral votes all by itself, without the need for any of the other remaining states. So if and when the major media outlets call Pennsylvania for Biden, they’ll be declaring him the winner of the 2020 election. Start your engines.

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