Unfortunately, Susan Collins knows exactly what she’s doing

Susan Collins isn’t dumb or naive, she’s the opposite: smart, savvy, and corrupt as hell. She just plays dumb to disguise her corruption. She sold her Kavanaugh vote to McConnell in exchange for campaign funding, and she did it in plain sight. She knew exactly how Kavanaugh would vote on abortion and she didn’t care.

Collins is someone who initially ran for the Senate on the promise of only serving two terms – and a quarter century later she’s still in the Senate. That’s all you need to know. She was a corrupt liar then, and she’s a corrupt liar now.

Collins could fix this entire thing right now, by joining Democrats in exempting Roe v. Wade from the filibuster, and getting any one of her “moderate” friends to go along with it. That would provide the fifty votes required, and Roe v’ Wade could become law before the end of the month. But she won’t do it, because she already sold her position on this issue to McConnell for campaign cash. She’s not going to go against him on it now.

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