Donald Trump just made his underground bunker debacle even worse for himself

Donald Trump’s decision to hide in an underground bunker beneath the White House this weekend, while Americans peacefully protested across the street, is quickly becoming a symbol for his entire failed presidency. Trump is a bully and a coward, so of course he went into hiding the moment things got even sightly dicey. Now Trump is inexplicably making things even worse for himself.

Trump is now so obsessed with rewriting history, he’s telling Fox News that he went to the bunker “more for an inspection” than for security reasons, and that he was only in the bunker “for a tiny, short little period of time.” Yeah, right. We’re supposed to believe that Trump was merely inspecting the bunker? Why would he even need to do so? If the bunker needed to be inspected, it would have been done by his security detail, before they would have even allowed him to enter it.

All this does is continue to put the bunker story back in the headlines. Donald Trump just can’t seem to let these things go. He’s so embarrassed to be seen as having hid in a bunker while protesters were outside, he’s willing to make things even worse by obsessing over it.

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