Military in chaos as Mark Esper keeps changing his orders under apparent pressure from Donald Trump

Earlier today, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper held a press conference and announced that he opposed Donald Trump’s plan to send U.S. military troops to deal with protesters. Esper then ordered the troops who had been deployed around Washington DC to return to their bases.

But now the AP says that Esper has changed his mind this evening and ordered the troops to remain deployed after all. There’s no possible explanation for Esper changing his orders, unless Donald Trump forced him to change his orders. So now we have active duty troops being given self-contradictory orders about a deployment on U.S. soil, at a time when things are already dangerously out of control.

Considering the manner in which this is all unfolding, we’re somewhat surprised that Mark Esper didn’t resign in protest instead of caving and reversing his orders. But at this rate we’re still half expecting that resignation to come, or for Donald Trump to fire him. As Trump’s failed presidency continues to unravel, his regime becomes more unstable by the minute.

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