Donald Trump just threw Alexander Acosta under the bus

When Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta stepped before the cameras to (dishonestly) defend his role in letting Jeffrey Epstein off the hook, Acosta was down to his last chance. He would need to convince the media and the public that his role isn’t a story, or he’d be on a sure path to his downfall. The press conference went rather poorly for Acosta, and now Trump is throwing him under the bus accordingly.

Donald Trump’s White House Counsel warned Acosta not to hold his press conference on government property, but Acosta went ahead and did it anyway, according to Glenn Thrush of the New York Times. The internal conflict tells us something about the fact that Trump and his regime didn’t want to risk being seen as standing with Acosta if it all went wrong. But what’s far more important here is that this nugget leaked at all.

The only way this internal conflict could have leaked is if Trump and his regime decided to leak it. And of course the only reason for Trump to leak it is to give Acosta a shove toward the door. In other words, because Acosta didn’t come close to absolving himself today, Trump is throwing him under the bus.

Look for Donald Trump to use this as an excuse to fire Alexander Acosta for disobeying an order so he doesn’t have to fire him for the Epstein scandal, or failing that, look for Acosta to take a hint and resign soon. Then again, we’re talking about the increasingly erratic Donald Trump here. So even though he just threw Acosta under the bus and set up the imminent end of Acosta’s career, Trump could randomly change his mind when he wakes up tomorrow. Stay tuned, if you can stomach it.

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