Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal just got even worse for him

In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on charges of sex trafficking of minors, Donald Trump is already scrambling to try to keep it from leading back to him, insisting that he barely knows Epstein to begin with. But a series of new developments have made clear that this is very much a Trump scandal, and that this is about to get even worse for Trump.

Donald Trump’s former business associate George Houraney is now telling the New York Times that back in 1992, he arranged for twenty-eight “calendar girls” to attend a party being thrown by Trump and Epstein. Houraney says he was shocked to learn that Trump and Epstein were the only two attendees at the party, along with the dozens of women they’d flown in.

If Houraney’s story can be substantiated, it’ll confirm that Trump and Epstein liked to party together with women who had been flown in just for them. This comes amid the new indictment against Epstein, which alleges that he liked to fly in underage girls. At this point Trump’s best possible argument would be that he attended Epstein’s events where women were flown in, but somehow wasn’t involved in Epstein’s events where underage girls were flown in. Trump will have a hard time selling that one in the court of public opinion, and things are about to get even worse on that front – for Trump and Epstein both.

This morning a woman named Jennifer Araoz appeared on the Today Show and alleged that Epstein raped her when she was fifteen years old. As was entirely predictable, this new indictment against Epstein has opened a path for his other alleged victims to come forward. That opens the door to even more criminal charges against Epstein. It also suggests that it’s just a matter of time before the attendees at the Trump-Epstein parties come forward, and we learn about what was really going on at them.

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