Ugly news for the Republicans in the midterms

While the party not currently in the White House tends to be favored in midterm elections, there are a few factors at play that make next year more competitive than anyone in the GOP would like it to be. Redistricting and the 2020 census results haven’t really played out the way they were hoping – nor does the constant visibility of the former guy and his desire to still be the Republicans’ kingmaker, or the shadow of the Jan 6 insurrection.

There was always a very real possibility, and still is, that in 2022, Republican voters would nominate another rabid maniac like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert – but this time in a much more purple district they would need to win back the House. While that primary season is just getting started, there’s one particularly alarming trend happening right now: Five Republican candidates accused of domestic violence by their wives and significant others – and among them is Trump-endorsed Sean Parnell of Pennsylvania, running for Senate, one of the most pivotal races for Senate control.


We’ve already known Donald Trump to come to the rescue of his staffers accused of the exact same thing – and Herschel Walker, who Trump has favored to run for Senate in Georgia for Rev. Warnock’s seat is facing similar accusations. In 2018, we turned out in droves and sent a strong message denouncing the former guy – but it’s clear that we need to come out again next year and deliver the same message, that we stand against everything he stood for. The pattern is clearer than ever. Let’s turn out even higher numbers and defeat Trumpism in 2022.

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