In defense of Merrick Garland

I felt the need to write this article. It is about Merrick Garland. I am a bit concerned about a few things. When Garland was appointed AG, people celebrated. I was one of them. But now, in just a few months, many Democrats seem angry at Garland. I am not one of these folks, and I’ve no doubt most reading this are not, but many Democrats ARE mad and speaking out. And that is why I wanted to write this article.

Some people think Garland is not doing enough. The anger seems to be that Garland is too lax in regards to Trump. Many want to see Garland place Trump under arrest. They want to see that NOW. How do I know this? Because I’ve researched the topic, and I know what many are saying.

Angry individuals are labeling Garland a “wimp,” and many say he is intentionally covering for Trump. Some even say he has been bribed. I call bullshit on all of that. I understand — at least I think I do — what some people want. They want Garland to come out and place Trump under arrest. Their patience is eroding, and they’re pissed.

I understand the anger. I do get wanting to see Trump punished. What I do not understand is why people are turning on Garland.

Merrick Garland was never going to come into the office of AG and promptly place the insurrectionist under arrest. Things do not work like that. There are laws in place and procedures to follow. And sometimes, these laws take years.


Garland has done so much for us in such a short time. Look at the Texas handmaid’s law. There is a temporary pause on it BECAUSE of what Garland has done. Garland is no wimp. Anyone who thinks he is should have a look at the man’s past. He is a stoic and stern person, and he LOVES this country. He doesn’t want to hurt –he wants to help. I am proud to have an AG like Garland. And I have no doubt he will go down in history as one of our best.

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