This story about Rand Paul spreading the coronavirus around the Senate just got even uglier

Earlier today we learned that Republican Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for the coronavirus. Then we learned that Paul spent this morning hitting the Senate gym and swimming pool while he was awaiting his test results, meaning he was willfully risking infecting people. Now it turns out the story is even worse.

It turns out Rand Paul took his coronavirus test six or seven days ago, according to Jake Tapper of CNN. This means he’s spent a week running around infecting people while he was awaiting his test results. This means he put a significant number of lives at risk – including potentially the entire Senate. Not shockingly, a number of Senators are angry at him, including some of his Republican colleagues.


Manu Raju of CNN is quoting Republican Senator Kevin Cramer as saying this about Rand Paul: “He is a physician himself. So, one would think his ability to assess the risk is pretty good. He calculated wrong.” Raju says there are a number of additional Senators and Senate staffers who are angry at Paul for his reckless endangerment of others. When this is all over, Rand Paul needs to be expelled from the Senate for this.

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