Twitter suspends House Republican Jim Banks

Oh, dear. It appears yet another GOP monster is in hot water. The (person?) I refer to is Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana. Banks (taking idiocy to new heights, insurrection party, Indiana) has apparently been suspended from Twitter.

As any Twitter user surely knows, getting suspended is not an easy thing to accomplish. So congratulations to Banks for accomplishing this difficult task. This suspension also appears to be his biggest and only accomplishment since becoming a member of Congress. Way to go!

And in true GOP cry-baby form, Banks is now unraveling over this. So what caused the suspension? Well, it seems that Banks is accused by Twitter of engaging in “hateful conduct.”

Dr. Rachel Levine was sworn into the U.S. public health service commissioned corps. This swearing-in apparently caused Banks much grief and anguish. Because he proceeded to tweet this: “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man.”

Dr. Levine is transgender. Ouch. I hate to break it to Banks, but intentional misgendering is certainly hateful, and Twitter was absolutely right in suspending his account.


Now Banks is whining. He also says he stands by his remarks. He also says his tweet is a “statement of fact.” I say it is not. However, I say “Jim Banks is a moron” is most definitely a statement of fact. So, what’s a Republican loser like Banks to do? Well — he has not been banned from Twitter permanently. He has just been suspended. If he keeps up like this, I imagine a permanent ban is just a tweet away.

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