Donald Trump could be just ten days from another round of bad news

Since the Manhattan District Attorney brought criminal indictments against the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg, it’s reportedly continued putting witnesses in front of the grand jury, including Matthew Calamari Jr. This means more indictments are coming, and in fact Weisselberg’s own lawyer has publicly said more indictments are coming. But when?

Back when the Weisselberg indictments came down, various observers pointed out that it took place right after the primary election for Manhattan District Attorney was held. Cy Vance is the one overseeing the Trump criminal case, but he’s retiring, and someone new will inherit the case. It was as if Vance purposely waited until just after the primary election before putting indictments in the headlines, so as not to be accused of interfering with the electoral process.

That’s why it’s notable that just ten days from now, the general election will take place for Manhattan District Attorney. There’s little suspense that Democratic nominee Alvin Bragg will win, in overwhelmingly Democratic-leaning Manhattan. But with more indictments in the Trump case clearly coming, what if Vance is once again waiting for election day to come and go before bringing those indictments?


If so, then Donald Trump is just ten days away from more bad news. If the pattern holds, we’d see a leak to the media shortly after election day about upcoming indictments. At this stage are we looking at indictments against Trump’s kids, or Trump himself? There are very few officials in the Trump Organization. So with Weisselberg already busted, and the Calamari family cooperating, the Trump family is just about all that’s left. Tick tock.

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