Twitter has begun inappropriately suspending several Donald Trump critics – including Palmer Report

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that it’s illegal for Donald Trump to block anyone on Twitter, because he uses his account to make presidential announcements to the public. Trump still has yet to abide by this court order. Instead, immediately after this ruling, Twitter began temporarily suspending the accounts of various prominent critics of Donald Trump. Just now, we were informed that Palmer Report has also been temporarily suspended from Twitter.

We’ve been informed that we can’t tweet, retweet, comment, reply, or in any way communicate with our 169,000 followers until the suspension ends. This is a particularly egregious move on Twitter’s part, as it may give our Twitter followers the false impression that we’ve ceased functioning as a news publication altogether, or that we’ve vanished, which is injurious to both us and our audience.

For the record, the tweet we’ve been suspended for is clearly not in violation of any Twitter rules or policies. In the several past instances in which Trump supporters have mass-reported our tweets in a coordinated effort at getting us suspended, Twitter has notified us each time that we were not in violation of any rules. The only thing that’s changed here is the judge’s ruling against Trump in a Twitter related matter. It’s clear that as a result of the judge’s ruling, Twitter is now taking steps to protect Trump and silence his critics. This comes even as Twitter continues to refuse to suspend Trump for his numerous blatant violations of its policies. Again, Trump is still refusing to abide by the judge’s ruling, even as Twitter is now inexplicably racing to protect Trump from the judge’s ruling.

We’ve appealed this suspension, and if Twitter fails to promptly remedy the situation, we’ll obtain legal counsel in order to protect our rights in this matter. As Twitter has begun simultaneously targeting a number of prominent Trump critics in similar fashion, in a clear attempt a undermining a federal judge’s ruling, we’re also exploring the possibility of class action. For now we want to make you aware of why we’ve been forced to go dark on our official @PalmerReport account on Twitter for what may be a full week before it’s restored. In the mean time, we’ll be tweeting all of our new articles on my personal Twitter account @BillPalmer

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Bill Palmer
Palmer Report