Donald Trump throws unhinged Twitter tantrum about Nancy Pelosi after she exposes his meltdown

This afternoon Donald Trump went berserk and started attacking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to her face during a meeting that was supposed to be about Syria. Trump got so carried away with his attacks on Pelosi, the Democratic leadership got up and walked out of the meeting, before revealing some of the uglier details during a press conference. Now Trump is taking things to a whole new deranged level.

During the closed door meeting, Donald Trump called Nancy Pelosi a “third grade politician” (which we think was a misstatement of the phrase “third rate politician”), and accused Pelosi of liking ISIS because they’re “communists.” The guy is completely off his rocker, and clearly can’t control himself as what’s left of his presidency unravels in real time.

Now Trump has tweeted an image of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer looking vaguely unhappy, with the caption “Do you think they like me?” What is this guy, two years old? This butthead is supposed to be the President of the United States, and yet he’s acting like this toward the Speaker of the House, the third highest ranking elected member of the United States government.

Donald Trump is either escalating his maniacal behavior in real time because he’s sick of this crap and he’s trying to get Senate Republicans to sign on to his ouster, or Trump really is fully mentally compromised and it’s not an act. Either way, it’s time for his presidency to end. Senate Republicans know they can’t sit on their hands much longer, or they’ll lose their seats when they’re up for reelection.

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