Get ready for the Rudy Giuliani shit show of the century

Last night Rudy Giuliani announced that he no longer has a lawyer and no longer needs one, even amid reports that the SDNY has sifted through his banking records. Earlier today, yet another person tied to Rudy’s Ukraine extortion scandal was arrested. This afternoon it was revealed that Rudy is being targeted by an FBI counterintelligence investigation. Now things have taken yet another new turn.

Even as all of the above has been playing out, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is formally inviting Rudy Giuliani to testify before his committee about the Ukraine scandal. We have no idea if Graham is doing this because he’s trying to help Rudy and/or Donald Trump, or if Graham is now trying find a way to sabotage Trump because he’s mad at him, or what. But the reality is that such a hearing can’t possibly help Trump or Rudy. In fact it would hurt them both badly.

It sure would make for great television, though, if it does happen and if it ends up being a public hearing. We’d have a completely unhinged Rudy Giuliani testifying before Congress under oath about a criminal plot that he and the President of the United States carried out against the United States – all with Rudy acting as his own legal counsel.

The federal government could sell tickets to this shit show, and they’d go for so much money, it could pay off the national debt. Not only would Rudy Giuliani put on an unhinged performance for the ages, he’d fully incriminate himself and Donald Trump in the process. Rudy would then be left needing to cut a plea deal, and perhaps needing an oxygen mask after all of his hyperventilating.

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