Twitter cracks down on Republican Party’s official account

– As Donald Trump’s tweets continue to become more false and unhinged, Twitter has begun promptly placing various warning labels on them. Many of us think Twitter hasn’t been going far enough. But at least now Twitter is expanding its crackdowns to include the official @GOP account, which claimed today that Donald Trump won in a “blowout” but was hit with a warning label which confirmed that Joe Biden is the actual winner. It’s a start.

– Donald Trump has found a way to get himself publicly condemned by Tucker Carlson, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse, all on the same night. Don’t tell me Trump is somehow magically winning. He’s just forcing his sometimes-allies to totally throw him under the bus, because they feel compelled to preserve their own relative credibility while he goes down this particularly embarrassing path to defeat.

– Tweet of the day, from Congressman Eric Swalwell: “Why am I not freaking out over realDonald Trump? It’s not that I have faith in him doing what’s right. It’s that I have faith in you. He is a loser. It’s over. He wants you to think this is a thing. Let’s not make a small, insignificant man bigger and more significant than he is.”