The walls are closing in on Donald Trump by the hour

– While some of you were busy fretting over Trump somehow magically and impossibly overturning the election, you missed the news that New York State has expanded its criminal probe into Trump, and the FBI is targeting Rudy Giuliani. The walls are closing in on these goons by the hour.

– By continuing to drag out this charade, Trump has forced his sometimes-allies like Tucker Carlson, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, and Geraldo Rivera to finally throw him all the way under the bus. The longer this goes on, Trump will have even less leverage, not more leverage.

– Ivanka Trump’s tweets have been turning more dour since her father was declared the loser of the election. Now she seems freaked out by the news that New York State is expanding its criminal probe into the Trump Organization. She knows the walls are closing in.

– The Republican Governors of Alabama and Arkansas met with Biden today to coordinate their coronavirus responses. Do you really think they’d have done this if they thought there was anything other than a 0.0% chance of Trump somehow magically remaining in power?

– Donald Trump hasn’t made a public appearance all week. This isn’t a guy who’s fighting for a second term, or who’s even trying to sell the illusion that he wants a second term. He’s not even fighting to keep the final days of his presidency relevant. He’s just trolling us on his way out the door. It couldn’t be much more obvious.

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