Donald Trump’s late night Twitter antics reach their weirdest point yet

Donald Trump’s late night Twitter meltdowns are the stuff of infamy. They’ve also tended to take place when things are at their worst for him, and can thus be taken as a sign that he’s spiraling out of control. So what to make of Trump’s Twitter antics tonight? This is some of his most inexplicable behavior to date, and it involves everything from obsessive retweets to Eric Trump.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, it’s possible to retweet yourself. It’s a way of pushing one of your older tweets back into the current timeline. We’ve done it; others do it. Donald Trump does not retweet himself. Except, for some reason, Trump has retweeted himself five times in a row tonight. These tweets seem to have been chosen at random. They include the tweet where Fox News had praised Trump for “big and necessary regulation cuts” but Trump misheard it as the nonsensical “big unnecessary regulation cuts.” This was not exactly his finest hour, yet now he’s retweeting it. It gets stranger.

Trump has retweeted two tweets from other people tonight, and they’re both from Eric Trump. That’s the son whom Trump usually tries to pretend doesn’t exist. So why make a point of pushing two of Eric’s unrelated tweets on the same night? The truly odd part is that Trump hasn’t actually posted any tweets of his own tonight. He did go on a rant about “Dicky Durbin” this afternoon; he’s since retweeted that tweet as well, for no apparent reason.

Best we can tell, Donald Trump has been sitting around and staring at Twitter all night, perhaps wanting to go on an unhinged Twitter rant, but each time settling for randomly retweeting one of his own earlier unremarkable tweets. Something has him hot and bothered, and he’s so unnerved, he’s afraid to even launch into a rant about it. Either that, or Eric Trump has somehow hacked into his Twitter account.

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