Turns out the Former Guy left the White House in disastrous physical shape

If we want our nation’s infrastructure to be top-notch, we must be comfortable with the fact that it involves more than just a monetary cost. Upgrading or rebuilding means temporarily putting up with the noise, inconvenience, and hassle of construction. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have already proven that they understand this in ways the former guy did not.

A CNN report on Friday reveals that Donald Trump decided to “pass it to the next guy” rather than allow substantial upgrades to proceed at the White House. The planned construction was not just to make things look pretty. The project’s purpose was to overhaul the security apparatus so that Americans could be better protected against a wide range of threats.

The Secret Service, the National Park Service, and the White House devised a plan for the needed multimillion-dollar upgrade, being sure to create phases for implementation to minimize inconvenience. However, when it came time to implement the final step, Trump refused to sign off. The Worst Couple reportedly didn’t want the noise and Melania complained about the construction interfering aesthetically with South Lawn events.

The Trumps got their wish to “pass it to the next guy,” and construction finally began over a month ago. Aside from unsightly aesthetics, Biden has been putting up with various inconveniences, such as meeting Marine One and the presidential motorcade in different places. However, Biden knows that needed infrastructure upgrades, especially ones involving national security, mustn’t be delayed for selfish reasons.

Trump’s newly revealed fit of narcissism when it comes to infrastructure also stands in stark contrast to the example President Barack Obama had just set by allowing a similar massive security upgrade on the north side of the White House to proceed. Also, let’s not forget that Harris, along with Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, waited nearly three months before moving into the U.S. Naval Observatory due to needed upgrades, reportedly living out of suitcases, according to CNN.

The Trumps not only prevented infrastructure projects from proceeding but left an obnoxious legacy of destruction. A perfect example is the one-two punch the Worst Couple gave to the People’s House last August. First, Melania breathed cold and callous death into Jackie Kennedy’s beloved, lush Rose Garden. A few weeks later, the South Lawn and Rose Garden had to be extensively repaired after damage from large crowds (pandemic precautions be damned) and heavy equipment for Republican National Convention speeches.

Biden and Harris know that the time to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure is now. They can say with authority that any bother construction brings is temporary and well worth it, especially considering the boost to jobs and the economy. Donald Trump put off needed upgrades to the White House just like he shunned the mild inconvenience of mask-wearing during the pandemic and look where all that got us. It’s time to Build Back Better.

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