GOP has become “frustrated” and “worried” about how badly Donald Trump is dragging down the party

Major newspapers have a peculiar habit of publishing extremely lengthy articles that spend their first twenty paragraphs rehashing old information or regurgitating whatever the source for the story asked them to focus on, before finally getting to some relevant information near the end.

That’s particularly the case with a new Washington Post article published this weekend, which goes on and on… and on and on… about how Donald Trump believes he’s still dominating the Republican Party and how he still has high hopes of somehow magically making an ill-defined comeback of some sort.

Then, finally, the article gets to its only relevant sentence: “Privately, many Republican officials — including some Trump allies — are growing frustrated, worried that the former president is wasting his time on petty rivalries and grievances.”

In other words, the real story here is that nearly the entire Republican Party leadership understands that Trump’s delusional fantasies about a comeback, and his petty desire to take everyone down with him because he knows that his comeback isn’t really happening, are harming the Republican Party’s prospects in 2022 and 2024.

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