Turns out that DOJ grand jury against Trump world is targeting EVERYONE

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Last week multiple major news outlets reported that a January 6th grand jury empaneled by the Department of Justice has been secretly targeting Trump world for months. This evening the New York Times reported that this grand jury subpoenaed “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander, and that โ€“ in his own unhinged way โ€“ he’s been cooperating with the DOJ as a result. This is big news. However, the much bigger news is what the DOJ has specifically been seeking from people like Alexander.

The DOJ grand jury has been subpoenaing people like Alexander for communications they had with members of the Trump administration and members of Congress who obstructed the certification of the 2020 election results. That’s right, this grand jury is targeting everyone.

This is what we’ve been hoping for, and demanding, all this time. Now we have confirmation that not only is the DOJ doing what we were hoping it was doing, it’s been doing it for months. In fact the timeline fits together rather tidily. Once the DOJ flipped its way up through the Capitol attackers to have enough evidence to indict the Oath Keepers leaders for seditious conspiracy in January, and was able to flip (at least) one of the Oath Keepers leaders, the DOJ turned around and near-immediately empaneled this grand jury against Trump world. It’s how these investigations work. You keep flipping people upward until you’ve gone as high up the criminal conspiracy hierarchy as possible.

This does not mean that everyone will go down. There’s a world of difference between a certain member of Congress being “obviously guilty” in the court of public opinion, and a trial jury finding that the member of Congress is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There would be no point in the DOJ indicting anyone higher up the chain until it has a comprehensive enough case to ensure a conviction, which nearly always requires cooperating witnesses from one level below them in the criminal hierarchy.

But this does prove that the DOJ is targeting everyone over January 6th, and has been for awhile now. It’s also the latest reminder that due to the extreme secrecy with which the Garland DOJ has been operating, the DOJ has been way ahead of us the entire time. The DOJ targeted the leaders of the Capitol attack for months, and none of them knew they were about to get indicted until the Feds showed up at their doors. The DOJ then ran this grand jury against Trump world in secret for months, until it finally subpoenaed a witness who blabbed about it to the press.

As for Ali Alexander, we’ve already seen how he operates. He provided the January 6th Committee with testimony and evidence that was by all means useful, but then went on a pro-Trump rant in public, in order to play both sides. And now that the Times is reporting that Alexander has been cooperating with the DOJ, Alexander has released an unhinged statement accusing the entire probe of being one big conspiracy against him.

But we all know Alexander is unstable, so that’s baked in. As long as he’s been providing investigators with electronic communications records to prove his claims, it doesn’t matter if he presents as a credible witness or not. It only matters that the DOJ and January 6th Committee have the evidence from him and can use it against people higher up the chain. And if Alexander’s cooperation does turn out to be dishonest in nature, the DOJ will just indict him for it and move on to the next cooperating witness. At this point there are certainly plenty to choose from.

The bottom line is that we’re getting precisely the news we’ve all been hoping for. In fact this is the best possible news we could be getting right now, at least within the realm of things that are realistic. There’s no need to rant about how “it sure took long enough.” Now is a time to celebrate and feel joy. We’re getting what we hoped we were getting. Let’s build on this momentum being handed to us by the DOJ, and put in the work to secure some more wins of our own. The midterms are indeed around the corner.

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