Even Tucker Carlson now thinks Donald Trump is going down

Yesterday we brought you the story of how Fox News pundit “Judge Andrew Napolitano” made the surprise pronouncement that he expects Donald Trump Jr to be indicted and arrested. As we pointed out, Fox News talking heads don’t tend to say things like this unless the company’s higher-ups have given them a new script. We were left wondering if other personalities on the network might also start laying the framework for Trump’s downfall.

Sure enough, here comes Fox News host Tucker Carlson joining the fray. He’s now announcing that Donald Trump is “not capable” of doing the job, and that he hasn’t delivered on his promises. That’s quite a change of direction for a guy who generally serves as a Trump cheerleader, while spinning phony conspiracy theories about Trump’s adversaries. Again, this kind of thing doesn’t tend to happen at a tightly scripted propaganda outlet like Fox, unless it comes from the top. So what gives?

It’s worth noting that Tucker Carlson made a point of making these harsh anti-Trump remarks while speaking in a venue other than Fox News. This comes after Napolitano made his prediction about Donald Trump Jr’s downfall during an interview that was also not on Fox News. It’s as if the network has instructed its propagandists to begin indirectly laying the groundwork for making a pivot against Trump, in order to soften up their audience for it before they start doing it live on Fox news.


The reason for this kind of thing? Simple: ratings, which directly translates into revenue. Fox News is driven by profit, not by political ideology. It sells lies to the most gullible of conservatives because they’re an easy mark. But Fox has to main relative “credibility” in the eyes of those marks. This suggests that Fox knows Donald Trump is going down, and is starting to throw him under the bus in order to position itself to remain viable after he’s been ousted. It’s indirect for now, but keep an eye on this trend.

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