Even Fox News now says Donald Trump Jr is getting indicted and arrested

For weeks, various liberal leaning major news outlets have reported that they’ve heard Donald Trump Jr has been telling friends that he thinks he’s about to be indicted. And of course legal experts have said that they expect Junior to be indicted. But in a remarkable development, now even Fox News is joining the fray.

Fox News pundit “Judge Andrew Napolitano” appeared on the Dan Abrams show right after Robert Mueller posted the Michael Flynn sentencing memo, which revealed that Flynn has provided a ton of extremely important, if still largely mysterious, cooperation in the Trump-Russia scandal. Napolitano said that he’s also hearing that Donald Trump Jr is going around telling friends that he expects to be indicted. Napolitano then added that he personally believes it’s going to happen. This is potentially a big deal, for a couple reasons.

We all know that Fox News pundits are supposed to stick within a certain range of commentary, based on whatever guidelines Rupert Murdoch is laying down at any given time. Even if Napolitano is expecting Trump Jr to get arrested, we can’t imagine he’d be willing to say something like that – even in an interview with a different news outlet – unless he’s been given the all clear to say it.


Fox News has little interest in the truth, but it has great interest in retaining its gullible conservative audience, because ratings equal money. Fox does have to worry about maintaining “credibility” with its own audience, by not selling them lies so obvious that even they can figure out they’re being lied to. So it’s interesting, to say the least, that a prominent pro-Trump personality on Fox is now predicting the downfall of Donald Trump Jr.

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