Trump’s lawyers are in trouble

Trump’s lawyers are as arrogant and incompetent as he is. Whining about having a bad time in DC is about as Trumpy as one could get. But lying about their client’s knowledge of the Capitol attack is going to imperil these men not only with censure, but perhaps, even prison time.

Of course, Trump knew what was going on in the Capitol in real time. Not enough has been said about this, but it’s because of his Secret Service detail. Whenever there’s a security problem with the Vice President, the first to know is the President’s Secret Service detail. It’s basically their entire reason for being. When one is threatened, the other goes into lockdown, and vice versa.

Not only did Trump know, maybe even before Pence did, that the Vice President was imperiled, but Trump himself was then instantly placed in protocols to ensure his safety. Trump knew. His Secret Service detail knew. There are records galore of the timing of this incident and all of them are going to send Trump to prison for the rest of his miserable life. Which brings us back to the lawyers. They’ve now been caught in a straight up lie about Trump’s knowledge of Pence’s safety during the attack. They won’t be able to claim ignorance. And like anyone else who disgraces themselves by backing Trump, they’ve not only won the Trump lottery of financial and professional ruin, but they’re now going to have to face criminal liability as well.

There are those Republican Senators who would have voted to acquit Trump even if Pence had been drawn and quartered in the front of his children. There are also those Trump voters who will believe every stupid lie that comes out of right-wing radio. But this is because those kinds of people are always there. They’re the same type of people who supported Hitler in the 30s, and there’s an intractable number of them, always. But as the vote of 2020 proved, there’s not enough of them. So, wave goodbye to them and know that they, like everything around Trump, are headed into oblivion and disgrace.

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