Trump’s GOP goons are turning against Glenn Youngkin already

Picture a fully bloomed and vivid pale pink rose. It’s beautiful, and it flourishes. But as the days go by, it wilts a bit, becoming somewhat tired-looking until finally, the rose has lost its brightly-colored glow. The bloom has left the rose.

For the GOP, they are experiencing this first-hand. And it’s making some of them extremely unhappy. When Virginia candidate Glenn Youngkin won his race to be the next Governor of Virginia, the GOP rejoiced. Heck, I’m surprised they didn’t buy party hats and streamers. They were that excited.

But slowly, almost imperceptibly, the joyousness has slowed down to a trickle — with some in the GOP now apparently a bit regretful of the endorsement of their newest shiny object.

Apparently, some Republicans do not like Youngkin’s new hiring choice. Joshua Marin-Mora is his name. Joshua appears to be a really smart individual who graduated from Georgetown University and worked to elect Youngkin and other Republicans.

And he has pronouns listed on social media. He also used the bisexual pride flag in some posts. Uh-oh.

Given that the GOP is filled with homophobic and racist assholes, it should come as no surprise to anybody that this news caused many of them to freak out and promptly move back their effusive compliments of Youngkin to ponder whether they REALLY made the right decision. Oh, Dear. “We have to do much better than this,” one GOP posted, referencing Youngkin.


All of this is nonsense, of course. Frankly, Marin-Mora sounds like a gem. But not for the party of no ideas. For them, this may be a crisis — because for the no ideas party, racism and homophobia are MUCH more vital issues than working hard for their constituents will ever be.

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