Trump’s comeuppance

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Disgraced, twice-impeached, witness-tampering, justice-obstructing, insurrection-fomenting, money-laundering, sexual predator, mass murdering, scam artist, cheating, lying, thieving, rapist Donald Trump — the leading 2024 Republican candidate for president — was given until 5pm Sunday by US District Judge Lewis A Kaplan to file a request to testify in his civil defamation trial.

Despite his bluff and bluster promise to confront the writer E Jean Carroll at trial, whom he described as a “disgrace,” Trump missed the deadline. The judge left the porch light on for him but, well, no Trump.

Trump blew it. He folded. He crawled away like a loser, like a meek little man who knows he’s beaten. And we are all laughing at him and the sad little, inadequate, low-information chumps who follow him. They must be getting tired of losing.

No one who wasn’t taken in by the grifting conman Trump was surprised. Trump hasn’t shown up once during the two-week Manhattan trial. E Jean Carroll is seeking compensatory and punitive damages totaling millions of dollars and Trump is probably going to lose this case.

Trump is almost certainly going to lose this trial because Trump is a loser, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Trump raped Ms Carroll back in the 90s. Only a brain dead jury could possibly see otherwise. That is, a jury with at least one clandestine Trump supporter on it. But this is New York and it’s not likely there are any of those to be found there. New Yorkers know Trump only too well because he was born and raised there. People who know him best hate him the most.

As he gave Trump extra time to change his mind, Judge Kaplan noted that he’d read news reports in which Trump told reporters while visiting his golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland, that he would “probably attend” the trial. Trump also criticised Kaplan, a Bill Clinton appointee, as an “extremely hostile” and “rough judge” who “doesn’t like me very much.” That was an incredibly stupid thing for Trump to say in print, of course. But then, Trump is an incredibly stupid man.

Even so, Trump did get a chance to make his thoughts known to the jury. The jury got a chance to see what a lowlife piece of human shit Trump really is from comments he made in his deposition.

For example, Trump said of Ms Carroll that “She’s not my type … it’s not politically correct to say it. I know that, but I’ll say it anyway.” He also said of Ms Carroll’s female lawyer that she wasn’t his type either. In other words, Trump tacitly admitted that he only rapes women who are his type, and Ms Carroll and her lawyer weren’t it.

Then Trump mistook a picture of E Jean Carroll for his ex-wife Marla Maples, a woman who supposedly is his type. Ms Maples does have a strong resemblance to Ms Carroll. Even so, as Trump repeated in his deposition, “She’s not my type and that’s 100% true.”

The jury also got to see the Access Hollywood tape, where Trump infamously asserted that because he was a star he could do whatever he liked with women, including grabbing them “by the pussy.” That didn’t help Trump either.

Trump further demonstrated what a piece of human shit he is when Carroll’s lawyer, who kept her cool the whole time and didn’t respond to Trump’s repeated personal attacks against her, asked him if he felt that stars could actually grab women “by the pussy.” “Historically that’s true with stars. If you look over the last million years, that’s largely true, unfortunately or fortunately.” Yes, Trump actually allows that it’s uncertain whether such a thing is fortunate or unfortunate.

I look forward to Trump losing this case. It looks very likely that he will. It’s immensely satisfying to finally see Donald Trump getting what he deserves. I plan to enjoy every minute of his humiliation. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

BREAKING: Palmer Report is moving to a reader-supported format with a significantly reduced number of ads so we can reach a broader audience at this crucial time for our democracy. Support us via PayPal and GoFundMe.