Donald Trump’s endgame meltdown is officially underway

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Donald Trump is sweating. Unlike the rest of us normal people, he does that by taking to his Truth Social to insult, denigrate, and malign others. The fact that he does so at a time when most of us are sleeping says all you need to know. Trump is, of course, rattled by the news that someone within his sphere is spilling the beans to the feds. Because he’s being investigated, he claims: “It’s a dangerous time in America!!” In the context in which Trump is making his statement, that is true-if you’re Donald Trump or some other criminal. The rest of do see it as a dangerous time, but not for the same reasons. Trump created the danger we’re experiencing, and it’s good to see him sweating.

For Trump, it has always been okay to do whatever he wants. He felt that he was entitled to classified documents. No one has a right to classified documents, which is why they were retrieved from President Biden’s former vice-presidential office and some from Mike Pence. Good reason exists to keep classified documents out of the hands of former government officials, and one of those reasons was brought up by former DOJ official Mary McCord, who appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House.” McCord believes that the DOJ should closely review the possibility that Trump intended to share documents with the Saudis to enhance their deal to host golf tournaments at his properties. This is not unplausible.

McCord clarifies that she has no evidence of this but that it would behoove the government to “follow the money,” which is correct when it comes to Donald Trump, as he cares about nothing except money. The other point McCord makes is that to convict on a crime, a motive must exist, and money is always a motivation for Trump. If hanging onto these documents, provided that, Trump was all in. Not only with respect to golf tournaments, but overall, Trump wants money to prop up his failing businesses. That’s why he wanted to stay in the White House. He was making a fortune by staying at his own properties and jacking up the prices for his Secret Service detail. Virtually everything Trump did while in office pointed to him padding his bank account. Now, he’s suddenly “innocent” and “did everything right.” He does nothing right because he’s not right. He’s a horrible person who made an incredibly bad “president.” The last thing we need is him back in office.

According to Trump, Jack Smith is “harassing, threatening, and terrorizing people who work for me.” He goes on to call Smith a “slimeball.” In the end, he, of course, calls the prosecutions “fake” and “witch hunts,” but, Trump had no business taking those documents. Somewhere deep inside his twisted mind and soul, he knows it. Trump is merely used to getting his way, and that’s not going to fly when compromising national security. He can bitch and whine all he wants, but the fact remains that he broke the law, and he must pay. It’s that simple.

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