Trump stooge Sebastian Gorka hits the panic button as January 6th Committee closes in

What is going on with Sebastian Gorka? The Trump buddy is having a no good, very bad week; it would seem. It appears just about every day now, we hear about another January 6 committee request or subpoena. It’s like Christmas is every day now. The latest “person” caught in the potential hot-seat is Sebastian Gorka.

Per Politico, the January 6 committee has recently slapped a subpoena on Gorka for his phone records from November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021. As of this writing, there was no indication Gorka had been asked to testify in front of the committee.

This did not prevent Gorka from filing suit in a desperate attempt to keep his phone records safe from the prying eyes of Justice-loving individuals.

“Dr. Gorka was not a member or leader of any organization that sponsored any events on January 6 and was not present at the Capitol that day,” Gorka’s lawyers explained. My keyboard experienced a long and agitated trembling at having to type the word “Doctor” in reference to Gorka.

It would seem by his behavior that Gorka intends to be uncooperative with the committee. Gorka’s lawsuit says the committee is “abusing their power,” which is exceptionally laughable coming from this guy.


I say they’re not, and most people would agree with me on this. I do not expect the lawsuit to work. My main reason for feeling this way is that Gorka has no case. So — who will it be tomorrow? Got your popcorn ready, readers? Something tells me this is just the beginning.

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