Merrick Garland just said what Donald Trump didn’t want to hear

I see Branch Trumpvidians must be feeling their oats again. Law enforcement agencies noted an uptick in calls for violence as we approach the anniversary of the January 6 terrorist attack on the US Capitol. These agencies are quick to point out that they haven’t seen any specific plots or coordinated plans.

Officials are confident that they would be able to handle any situations that do come up if any Branch Trumpvidians get stupid. I’d agree that I think they would be better able to handle anything that came up now that we no longer have an administration that is actively trying to overthrow the government, and Congressional allies like Gym Jordan and MTG about to go through some things thanks to the work of the DOJ and the January 6 committee. I think if any Branch Trumpvidians do come to the Capitol with thoughts of carrying out a coup dancing through their heads they won’t even make it past the front steps.


I also feel better now that AG Garland has come out and said those who participated in the terrorist attack or aided the attackers will be held accountable. He’s right. The DOJ needs to do this right to make charges stick and hold the likes of Orange F—k Face (OFF) and his GQP allies accountable even if it doesn’t look like the DOJ is doing a damn thing now. I get the frustration too about the government’s response. I get the frustration that the response seems muted, but it has to be that way in order for the likes of Trump to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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