Trump stooge Mo Brooks tries to cut and run

The mighty are surely falling. Mo Brooks was one of the loudest, most obnoxious of those claiming election fraud while speaking at the January 6 event that led to the insurrection, encouraging attendees to “start taking down names and kicking ass.” Anyone who agreed with Brooks’ assessment of things was a “patriot” while others were painted as the enemy—an enemy in a fake fight. He openly urged “patriots” to “fight” and asked whether they were “willing to do what it takes” to engage in that fight. Now, if these words are not words of instigation, no others are. Perhaps Brooks could not see far enough to understand to what his instigation would lead, but he clearly set out to get this crowd riled up and succeeded. Now, new details are coming out about Brooks and his actions courtesy of Washington Post.

Prior to the “save America” event, Brooks claims he “received a dire warning” that “Antifa was planning to infiltrate the January 6 rally ‘dressing like Trump supporters.’” Oh, boy. That sounds totally crazy, but Brooks took his crazy one step further: He hunkered down on his office floor for the night, fearing going home, and the next morning, he donned body armor to deliver his ridiculous speech. The man sounds totally certifiable, yet his craziness would eventually leach into other members of the House.

Brooks was the first to challenge the 2020 election results, proclaiming the election stolen and bragging about being first to Steve Bannon. Brooks claimed that he had “looked at it” and that in his judgment (for what that’s worth), “there was massive voter fraud, election theft.” Multiple jurisdictions counted and recounted, and multiple lawsuits were brought and dismissed, proving there was no fraud in the 2020 election. Brooks did this to win favor with Trump and his eventual endorsement to run for senator. He is the last person we need in the senate or in Washington at all. These liars should stay home and serve where their lies are accepted as truth. Brooks is a fool, not only for what he has done to date but for his decision to represent himself in the lawsuit brought by Eric Swalwell, but his stupidity goes far beyond.


WaPo reported that Brooks is changing his tune. He encouraged a crowd of Trump supporters to “look beyond 2020” and was met with “boos.” He has also recanted many of the things he said in January 2020, including admitting he “was wrong” about the involvement of anitifa in the insurrection. He also now claims that he lied about Trump personally inviting him to the January 6 rally, blaming one of his staffers for the “mistake.” It was no mistake; the man is a proven liar. Now that he has invited the attention of the House Select Committee, he claims his words were taken out of context and that he was encouraging attendees “to battle at the ballot box.” Brooks is nothing more than a typical Republican coward. Once his words were isolated shown to help spur on the insurrection, he wants to take them all back. Typical.

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