Not so fast Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz. There’s a name that could make one’s toes curdle. So this article is an update of sorts. I know how sick of Gaetz many are. I also know that so many have asked if the charges against him have been dropped since we’ve heard nothing for a while now.

And there does seem to be a rumor floating around that the investigation has been brought to a halt because people were paid off. That has NOT happened.

But has the investigation gone away?The answer to that question is no; it has not. It appears the investigation is ongoing. I would urge patience in regards to Gaetz.

Will an indictment come? That will depend on what the investigation uncovers. I personally feel there is more than enough information to make an indictment against his hair, but as for the significant investigation — we will just have to wait and see.

Gaetz has embraced Marjorie Taylor Greene fully, and the two seem to have formed their own little private club where few are invited and no doubt few want to go.

The Floridian failure also has a podcast and seems determined to lash out at January sixth Chairman Bennie Thompson accusing him of being an insurrectionist himself.


Besides tweeting out stupid statements, saying he stands with Jim Jordan, talking about how great he is, and insulting Democrats, Gatez does not seem to be actually working, which isn’t a surprise.

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