Trump stooge Mark Meadows is so totally screwed

Now that the January 6th Committee has made a criminal contempt referral to the DOJ against former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the doomsday pundits are already racing to insist that the DOJ will do “nothing” and that Meadows will get away with it all. Of course they said the same thing about the Steve Bannon criminal contempt referral, and the DOJ ended up indicting and arresting Bannon, so their doom casting can simply be ignored.

Meanwhile back in the real world, it turns out Mark Meadows has a whole lot more to be worried about than just criminal contempt charges. That’s right, being put on trial and sent to prison for contempt could be the least of Meadows’ legal troubles – which of course is why he kept flip flopping on whether to cooperate.

The real trouble for Meadows isn’t the contempt charge, but his underlying crimes. For instance, on Wednesday night Rachel Maddow spelled out how Meadows appears to be connected to the criminal plot to submit forged election certification documents to the National Archives. In addition, now that the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney has gone as far as meeting with Donald Trump’s attorneys, in a pretty clear sign that Trump is going to be indicted, it’s previously been reported that Meadows is also a target of that same criminal investigation.


So no, Mark Meadows isn’t going to “get away with it all.” At this rate he’ll be lucky if the comparatively short prison sentence that comes with criminal contempt is the only time he’ll end up having to serve.

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