Donald Trump gives up, bails in middle of interview

There’s a reason nobody sees much of the orange squid these days. I believe I know what that reason is. Trump, in my opinion, has descended into madness, madness worse than ever before. I am guessing that he’s not exactly a fun person to be around these days, not that he ever really was.

But recently, when we do hear from him, he mostly babbles incoherently. He is an emotional mess, by the look of it. All he wants to do is talk about the not-stolen-election. And few people want to hear about it.

And he must be wondering about all these investigations going on. Next time the doorbell rings, will handcuffs be waiting for him?

Imprisoned in Mar-A-Lago, banished to go down in the history books as a traitor, I imagine life has become pretty unpleasant for the lonely hermit as he burrows into his silken sheets, waiting for visitors that never come.

And now Trump’s behavior has exploded. Per Daily Beast, assolini abruptly ended an interview with NPR — while it was in progress. AND there’s a video. The reason he ended the interview was because of repeated questions by the reporter who interviewed him as well as the interviewer calling out Trump about the 2020 Presidential election.

In the video, Steve Inskeep, the NPR interviewer, continually asks the orange failure about peddling election lies that have been debunked. Inskeep also asks Trump if he will refuse to endorse any Republicans who do not gather behind the big lie.


Trump’s answer is a sort of non-answer, a wild babble in which he invokes Kari Lake of Arizona, who is running for Governor there. Trump then ends the interview — while the reporter is still speaking. Trump’s behavior has gone haywire even by assolini standards. He is a shell of a person these days, wrapped in narcissistic angst, brought on by his own diminished capabilities of understanding reality.

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