Donald Trump has bizarre response to Brett Kavanaugh’s mentally deranged testimony

No matter what side of the political aisle you might be on, Brett Kavanaugh’s screaming, crying, incoherent, mentally deranged testimony this afternoon before the Senate Judiciary Committee has been uncomfortable to watch. Conservatives are seeing their Supreme Court nomination fail in real time, and the Resistance is just plain repulsed by what it’s watching. But don’t tell any of that to Donald Trump, because he just let it be known that he thinks Kavanaugh is doing great.

Here’s a disturbing new tweet posted by Robert Costa of the Washington Post: “President Trump is ‘riveted’ and telling people, “This is why I nominated him,” in a positive way, per person close to him. Talking to lots of people inside WH about how he likes how Kavanaugh is fighting back. Admires the defiance.” Wait, what?

We’re not seeing a guy defiantly fighting for his career, his reputation, and his life. We’re watching a guy having a mentally unstable meltdown. Even if you thought he was innocent, you’d have to walk away from Kavanaugh’s meltdown with the conclusion that he simply does not have the demeanor and stability for the Supreme Court – or even for the federal judge position he currently holds. Yet Trump appears to be impressed by this?

Donald Trump’s reaction comes even as Vanity Fair is reporting that people within Trump’s own White House are “unnerved” by Brett Kavanaugh’s meltdown, partly because they “don’t know why he is crying.” Is Trump simply trying to stick up for his failing nominee, or has he been watching some other testimony? Then again, Trump is the guy who just yesterday spent eighty minutes rambling about George Washington and Mr Kurd.

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