The real reason Lindsey Graham just threw it all away

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has spent the afternoon using his testimony to unwittingly demonstrate that he’s a deeply mentally unstable individual. Then Republican Senator Lindsey Graham had such an unhinged meltdown of his own, even Kavanaugh seemed to have been taken aback by it. The question, of course, is why Graham is suddenly throwing it all away. The answer cannot possibly be as simple as some cable news pundits are suggesting.

The popular narrative is that Lindsey Graham wants to be Donald Trump’s Attorney General. Okay, sure, that’s theoretically possible. But even if that were the case, why would he be willing to go this far with it? Graham has now thrown away his reputation and his legacy, and for what? An Attorney General gig that probably wouldn’t last six months before Trump is ousted anyway? He’s only sixty-three years old, and he’d be sacrificing the remainder of his Senate career for what would basically be White House temp work. That doesn’t make sense. So let’s talk about something that does.

Back in December of 2016, Lindsey Graham admitted to CNN that his emails were hacked during the election. This makes sense, as hackers targeted many of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential opponents on both sides of both parties. Considering the complete and frantic change in Graham’s behavior toward Trump this year, the most logical conclusion would be that either Trump himself or a pro-Trump entity is using Graham’s emails to blackmail him. For him to so eagerly throw everything away, the blackmail material must be even more damaging than the damage that Graham is voluntarily doing to himself.


So if Lindsey Graham is throwing his life away in the hope of convincing Donald Trump to give him the Attorney General job, it could only be because Graham thinks he can use the AG position to help protect himself against whatever he’s being blackmailed over. Only a complete idiot would throw his life, career, and reputation away just so he could briefly hold a job in a failing presidential administration that will soon be over, unless there’s far more to it. So let’s stop with the suggestions that Graham is simply eyeing a promotion here and nothing more; that stops making sense once you think it through.

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