Donald Trump fires back at Nancy Pelosi in weak, stupid, and treasonous fashion

Now that illegitimate traitor Donald Trump is holding the United States hostage by keeping the government shut down, Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to remind everyone that he’s not the “president” of anything, by refusing to let him give a State of the Union speech. With his presidency essentially finished and his eventual life prison sentence all but assured, Trump decided to try to take Pelosi down with him. He swung at her and missed, but he just did major damage to the U.S., and may have finally finished himself off in the process.

Donald Trump announced today that he’s canceling Nancy Pelosi’s upcoming overseas trip. That’s an illegal move on his part, but there’s nothing on the books to immediately override him, and Pelosi would have to take him to court in order to get the trip reinstated. Trump then also publicly exposed the cities and bases Pelosi was planning to travel to, thus ensuring that she can’t safely go on the trip even if she were to convince the courts to greenlight the trip. In the process, Trump permanently compromised the military bases involved.

As this was done with obvious intentional malice, Donald Trump just committed a crime against the United States – and it’s one that he can and will be prosecuted for, along with hundreds of other felonies, once he’s ousted. This will also further weaken Trump’s crumbling support among the military, which can bring about the end of his illegitimate presidency faster than anything.

Also, Donald Trump publicly told Nancy Pelosi – who is next in line for the presidency behind Trump and Mike Pence – to fly commercial into a war zone. So in case you’re wondering, yes, he’s absolutely trying to get Pelosi murdered. Of course he’s far too stupid to pull it off, and Pelosi will simply delay her trip until Trump is ousted. This traitor Trump knows absolutely no bounds when it comes to his treason, and the best thing we have going for us is that he’s far too weak and stupid to defeat someone like Pelosi. He just hastened his ouster today.