Trump Organization executive testifies to Manhattan grand jury that’s indicting Donald Trump

When it was revealed two weeks ago that the Manhattan District Attorney was empaneling a special grand jury to bring criminal indictments in the ongoing criminal investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, it was clear that Trump himself would end up indicted. No prosecutor brings this kind of special grand jury just to indict some underlings. The real question was how quickly or slowly the process would work.

Now we’re getting our first hints at that answer. ABC News is reporting that Trump Organization vice president and controller Jeff McConney has testified to the grand jury. As ABC points out, the controller is the second most valuable witness in the building, behind the CFO.

It’s not immediately clear if McConney was brought in to testify against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, or testify against Donald Trump, or both. We suspect Manhattan prosecutors will swiftly move to indict Weisselberg, in the hope of pressuring him to flip on Trump. Trump’s indictment could actually come sooner if Weisselberg doesn’t flip, because if he begins cooperating, it’ll take time to parse his evidence and testimony and put it in front of the grand jury. But if Weisselberg does flip, it’ll make for a more bulletproof criminal case against Trump, which means it’ll be worth the wait.

In any case, we’ve already reached the point where the Trump Organization controller is testifying to a grand jury that has specifically been put in place to criminally indict Donald Trump and those around him. This really is happening – and Trump really is on a path to prison.

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