The right wing lie about the Biden economy just got blown to pieces

Today’s latest official numbers reveal that the United States is experiencing record job growth and plummeting unemployment. Don’t let right wingers claim that there is a labor shortage due to everyone preferring to draw unemployment benefits. That’s not true. Also, there is no “labor shortage” to begin with, outside the service industry. It’s all a lie as usual.

What really happened is that the pandemic forced a lot of longtime service industry workers out of the industry, and they’ve ended up finding better jobs elsewhere, so now they don’t want to go back to the service industry. Want to fix the service industry labor shortage? Pay them fairly.

Meanwhile the Republicans are out there insisting there’s a group of (non white) Americans who are just too lazy to work and would rather mooch, just as they’ve been claiming for decades. And it’s still not true. But vaguely racist white people always choose to believe it anyway.

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