Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg just made a huge mistake

How much of a hole is Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg in? He’s already in the process of being criminally indicted by a Manhattan grand jury for financial crimes, in order to pressure him to flip on the Trump family. Now Weisselberg has dug himself an even deeper hole.

Jennifer Weisselberg appeared on CNN today and revealed that her ex-father in law Allen Weisselberg is trying to get her evicted from her apartment, which she’s retained since her divorce. Given the timing, it’s pretty clear that Allen Weisselberg is either trying to punish her for having cooperated with prosecutors against him, or intimidate her out of further cooperation. Either motivation would be criminal in nature.


So now Allen Weisselberg has gone from facing indictment for financial crimes, to potentially also facing indictment for witness intimidation. He just increased the odds he’ll end up convicted at trial and sent to prison, and therefore increased the odds he’ll end up having to cut a plea deal against the Trump family in order to avoid prison.

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