Trump loon gets busted

Since when has it become so acceptable to lie? Perhaps it is that gullibility seems so commonplace now that some want to take advantage for their own gain, even when that gain is not evidently apparent. Many outlets have recently shared the story of the Marine who spoke at Donald Trump’s latest hate rally, Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark, who claimed that he is the Marine in a now-viral video taking custody of a baby from her father. According to People magazine, the baby’s father Hameed felt that his 16-day-old daughter would be safe in the hands of a Marine while he assisted his wife, who had been robbed outside the airport. After being treated at an airport hospital, the baby, whose name is Liya, was returned to her family. Unfortunately, this beautiful, poignant story that came out of the Afghanistan evacuations has been marred by a liar.

The Marine Corps busted Clark, publicly revealing that it was not Clark in the video. Because of his boasting, Clark is now under investigation, as Pentagon policies prohibit active-duty service members from speaking at partisan events. Clark is not only a liar, but he does not even know the policies relating to his job. According to CNN, Trump “implied” that Clark was the Marine in the video when he invited him onstage. Clark, then, had an opportunity to correct the mistake. He not only failed to correct the mistake, but he embraced it. CNN quoted Clark: “I am the guy that pulled the baby over the wall and it’s definitely probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.” Perhaps he meant “probably” rather than “definitely,” since he did no such thing.

Attempting to downplay the blatant lie, CNN reported that Clark’s mother said that Clark was “one of the Marines who helped the baby once it was lifted over the wall.” Too late to try to clean that one up. Besides, to quote the site Crooks and Liars: “Lying is a cornerstone in Republicanism and a definite feature at MAGA rallies.” Knowing that he lied probably endeared him even more to Donald Trump, who does nothing but lie. Clark was nothing more than a prop for Trump, who pretends to be supportive of the military, but we have seen his support both in the Syrian disaster and the deal he struck with the Taliban, forcing the emergency evacuation from that country by the Biden administration. It is difficult to believe that any military personnel could support him, other than liars like Clark.


Unfortunately, Task & Purpose reported that Clark may suffer no consequences for appearing at Trump’s hate rally because he was not in uniform at the time, and the rally might not be considered a “campaign event.” It is hard to imagine what else the rally might be. It certainly was not a kumbaya moment but was organized to tout Trump’s Republican choices. Regardless of what happens with the military, Clark is a proven liar who should be ashamed to show his face in public again, but as a supporting member of the MAGA cult, he has no shame.

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