Kyrsten Sinema is getting destroyed

Kyrsten Sinema is now getting destroyed by everyone from Saturday Night Live to John Oliver. Her biggest remaining defender is white nationalist Stephen Miller, which is a disaster for a Democratic politician. Her political career is clearly over if she doesn’t come around and start doing her job. Call her and (politely but firmly) let her know this. She thinks she can just run out the clock for three years without cracking under the pressure. Let’s prove her wrong.

I can’t condone cornering a US Senator in a restroom, which is what happened over the weekend. But the fact that Kyrsten Sinema is literally hiding on the toilet from angry constituents who previously voted for her, tells you just how much trouble she’s in. Keep up the pressure, be smart about how you do it, and she’ll cave.


Seriously, just try to imagine these lightweights like Sinema and Joe Manchin thinking they’re going to start a war against someone as powerful and savvy as President Joe Biden, and actually win it. Biden is going to find a way to eat them alive and make his agenda happen. But he needs your help. Call their offices. Let’s get this done.

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