Donald Trump goes berserk as secret Mueller memos surface that incriminate him

Earlier today, BuzzFeed and CNN collectively dropped a house on Donald Trump when they published newly obtained Mueller investigation memos that prove Trump and his campaign were indeed criminally conspiring with WikiLeaks to alter the outcome of the 2016 election. We’ve all long suspected this; we’ve just been waiting for the proof to emerge, and now it has.

Not long after the Mueller memos were published, Donald Trump began acting out in particularly bizarre fashion. He made the laugh out loud assertion that Adam Schiff will “change the transcripts” of the impeachment testimony that are being released this week. This is hilarious considering several House Republicans were in the room during the testimony and could therefore call Schiff out for trying such a thing – not to mention the witnesses themselves would publicly sound the alarm.

But Trump wasn’t done. He went on to ask, “Didn’t [Schiff] pick the Whistleblower?” In Trump’s increasingly broken and hallucinatory mind, he now thinks someone picked the whistleblower? Does he not understand what a whistleblower is? It appears that what little was left of Trump’s cognitive abilities just shattered to pieces.


It’s not surprising to see Donald Trump react in this fashion. All along, he’s known what he and his underlings did in the Trump-Russia election conspiracy. He’s also known all along that some of his own people sold him out to Robert Mueller. Trump’s only hope of not going to prison for the Trump-Russia scandal was if Mueller’s findings remained buried. Of course Trump is going to end up in prison for his Ukraine scandal anyway – but these memos will help guarantee that his prison sentence will extend far beyond his natural lifespan. Trump’s life is over.

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