Donald Trump is at Madison Square Garden tonight in New York City. It isn’t going well for him.

Donald Trump, who is so despised by the general public that he got loudly booed when he attended a recent World Series game in Washington DC, and who was already deeply despised in his hometown of New York City even before he announced this week that he was “moving” to Florida, has inexplicably decided to show his face in public tonight at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

That’s right, Donald Trump decided to take the day off from getting the crap beaten out of him by Nancy Pelosi, so he could go watch other people beat the crap out of each other at tonight’s UFC mixed martial arts fight. It’s unclear why Trump, who hates New York as much as the city hates him, and who doesn’t appear to enjoy sports of any kind, has decided to attend this event. But if you want to know how it’s going for him so far, just take a look at the massive protests against him:

We’ll wait to see what the reaction is to Donald Trump on the inside of the UFC event – that is if the people running the event even bother to put him on the Jumbotron this time. When that happened at the World Series earlier this week, not only was Trump loudly booed, the crowd also chanted “Lock him up!”

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