The real reason Donald Trump is truly scared of Nancy Pelosi

It’s been two days since Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House, and Donald Trump still has yet to publicly attack her. In the past two days he’s attacked Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. He’s attacked Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. He’s clearly as eager as ever to throw punches at the other party. But Pelosi is off-limits. There’s a reason why.

It’s not just that Nancy Pelosi is far smarter and more politically savvy than Donald Trump is. He’s such a delusional narcissist, he probably thinks he’s smarter than Pelosi anyway. And although Trump is intimidated in general by smart women who aren’t impressed with him, he’s attacking people who fit that profile – just not Pelosi. Here’s the thing about her.

It’s not Jerry Nadler who decides when to advance articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, even though Nadler is the Chairman of the committee where that’ll happen. And it’s not Elijah Cummings or Adam Schiff who will decide which of Trump’s criminal scandals to begin exposing in nationally televised hearings first, even though they’re in charge of the two committees that’ll make the biggest splash.

No, these folks all answer to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She’ll decide when Donald Trump gets impeached. She’ll decide which of his dirty laundry gets aired. She’ll be the one Trump is begging for mercy once things truly turn bad for him. While she’s an entirely fair person, she’ll show him no mercy, because he deserves none. And he knows it – which is why he’s more afraid of her than everyone else combined.

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