Donald Trump is hallucinating

It’s been said that, during the last dark days of his dying presidency, Richard Nixon would roam the halls of the White House and have imaginary conversations with the paintings on the walls of past U.S. Presidents. Donald Trump has tried emulating Nixon in too many ways to count, from rigging the election, to obstructing justice while trying to cover up his crimes, so perhaps it’s fitting that Trump is now having imaginary conversations with past presidents as well.

Donald Trump held a press conference on Friday in order to throw a fit about the fact that no one is willing to fund his stupid border wall. During that debacle, Trump claimed that past U.S. Presidents have privately told him that they wished they’d built a border wall of their own. The trouble: that obviously never happened. In case confirmation of the obvious was needed, Politico has managed to confirm that Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton never wanted to build a wall. So what’s going on here?

Donald Trump lies constantly, of course, so that part is nothing new. And most of his lies are the kind that can be quickly disproven by fact checkers; Trump is simply banking on his supporters being too intellectually lazy to fact check his lies. But this is a large-scale lie even by Trump’s standards. He’s going so far as to claim that he’s had conversations with past U.S. Presidents that even his own drooling base knows he didn’t have.

It’s enough to raise the question of whether Donald Trump isn’t actually lying about this. Is it possible that his failed presidency, threat of ouster, and prospect of going to prison have caused him to slip so far, he actually believes he did have these conversations with past presidents? After all, Nixon seemed to be hallucinating about conversations with past presidents as well, and Nixon was never as mentally unstable as Trump is right now.

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