Emily Murphy just gave in; transition to President-elect Joe Biden has begun

Barely fifteen minutes ago, Palmer Report pointed out that GSA Administrator Emily Murphy had just blinked. She told the House she was willing to testify as soon as next week, which meant she knew her position was crumbling and she couldn’t hold it much longer. Sure enough, just now, she caved entirely and informed Joe Biden the transition can begin.

CNN is reporting that Emily Murphy has sent President-elect Joe Biden a letter informing him that the Trump administration is ready for the formal transition to begin to the Biden administration. This means Biden now gets presidential daily briefings, access to crucial pandemic resources, proper funding, and everything else.

This raises the question of what Donald Trump will do next. Michigan certified its results today. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court shot him down today. He has nowhere to go with any of this. Now his administration has begun the formal transition, with or without his blessing. Trump can still make a mess on his way out the door. But it’s now too late for him to stop the transition to Biden, because it’s begun.

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