Robert Mueller is torturing Donald Trump on purpose

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Anyone who has been watching his Twitter feed this in general, and this morning in particular, is aware that Donald Trump is even further off the deep end than usual. He’s lashing out at the wrong people who aren’t even at the center of his problems, and he’s calling them by the wrong names. It’s clear that Trump is in a more tortured place then ever. Based on what keeps surfacing from Robert Mueller’s camp, it appears Mueller is now trying to purposely torture Trump.

Let’s assume that Mueller is not some sociopath who gets off on torturing the targets of his investigations just for kicks. This has to be part of his strategy to bring Trump to justice for his crimes. If so, it’s a fiendishly clever one. Even as Trump is wigging out about the departure of Hope Hicks and the feud with Jared Kushner and everything else that’s going wrong internally, Mueller is now at a point of pushing at least one scary headline per day into the media about what he’s going to do next.

Mueller runs a tight enough ship that it doesn’t leak except when he wants something to leak. Yet this week we’ve seen one story after another from various major media outlets about what he’s working on. There was the story about how he’s tying Trump to the stolen DNC emails. The story about how he’s uncovering the money trail between Trump and Russia. The story about Kushner having used White House favor to obtain massive loans for himself. The story about how Mueller is about to indict the hackers and leakers in the Trump-Russia scandal. The story about the FBI targeting Ivanka.

This isn’t by accident. Suddenly Robert Mueller’s big scary upcoming moves against Donald Trump and his family are being advertised in big block letters to make sure Trump sees them. Mueller is presumably torturing Trump to try to rattle him, and get him to panic and do something self-defeating or incriminating. Based on the speed with which Trump is coming further undone this week, that plan may be working.

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