Donald Trump bets the last of his chips on… Tommy Tuberville?

If Donald Trump wants to have incoming Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville force a Senate floor vote on the election results, then so be it. He doesn’t have the votes to overturn anything. But it’ll force every Republican Senator to side with or against Trump, which will end up hurting their reelection odds no matter which way they vote. There’s a reason that even Mitch McConnell is urging Tuberville not to go through with it.

Tuberville is brand new to the Senate, and he’s a clueless idiot. I suspect that once he gets sworn in, he’ll quickly realize that McConnell financially controls his reelection prospects, and he’ll back down on this, just like McConnell wants him to. But if he does force a vote, that’s fine and dandy.

The question is why Trump is betting the last of his chips on a laugh out loud stooge like Tuberville. Then again, there’s really no one else to carry Trump’s “I secretly won the election” water at this point.

– Donald Trump is having a total meltdown about John McCain tonight, which tells you just how badly things are going for Donald Trump.

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