Rachel Maddow just nailed it

One of the consistent patterns when it comes to Donald Trump’s failed presidency: while he loves to make big ugly threats that he rarely follows through on, he does his real damage when no one is looking. Accordingly, Trump’s success or failure in these “secret schemes” generally comes down to how much of a spotlight the media is willing to place on them.

Trump has been loudly threatening to somehow magically overturn the election result, and attacking everyone from the Supreme Court to the late John McCain today. But the real story is that Trump has quietly refused to tell Pfizer where to send millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, which are sitting in a warehouse. Pfizer sounded the alarm earlier today, which got a fair amount of attention. But then Rachel Maddow used her widely watched MSNBC show tonight to make a huge deal out of it.

This kind of attention is generally what causes Donald Trump and his regime to finally give on these kinds of stunts, and allow the right thing to be done. As a result of the spotlight that Maddow and others are placing on this story today, it’ll probably be rectified very quickly. If the media hadn’t jumped on the story, the vaccines could have quietly sat in warehouses for weeks to come.

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